Jazz at the Pawn Shop...

What's the deal? Any real music or more audiophile junk?
I have had it for 30 years or so; I like it but I am not a jazz expert; very natural sound on LPs.
It is simply a live recording with some audiophile "Details" (talking from guests and some other noises in the background), it is OK to listen to, better than those "pure but dead" Audiophile recordings.
A legacy product and probably undeserved.
I never understood why this recording has such high regard. I sometimes play it as background music, but it is nothing special.
It's a very good recording from a Scandinavian jazz club. The music is leaning towards dixieland, old style jazz.
It is a very detailed natural sounding live recording.
The reason it gets so much hype is that it is very close to being in a club setting which is what good recordings are supposed to do, sound as close to the original event as possible.
Personally I've always thought the reason it was so popular was because it's very atmospheric sound made folks think that their audio system's imaging was far better than it really was. This record made some fairly average systems sound good. A good sales tool for B&M dealers as well. Content wise, IMHO, its boring at best. Sorry to rain on anyones parade, but OP asked.
"Any real music or audiophile junk?" Oh yes, Swedes playing Dixieland jazz is pretty much the highest accomplishment that is musically achieveable on record. Well no, it's not Jennifer Warnes, or The Cowboy Junkies, or Holly Cole, or Pat Barber, but thank the lord that Coltrane died so young as these Scandanavian musicians would've changed the course of modal and free jazz for sure.
Otherwise known (by me) as, "Jazz at the Yawn Shop". Stellar recorded, ho hum music. And I LOVE jazz.
I love most Jazz and like Jazz at Pawn Shop. I missed it when it hit 30 years ago and its a disc I enjoy when played on occasion. It really shows off my system. The music lies somewhere between Benny Goodman (with a small band)and light jazz that was played in the 70's. Cornets, drums and vibes sound wonderful. Very natural and well recorded,as stated previously. However, it may not have much staying power if I played it in frequent rotation imo
John Coltrane will sell more music dead, than any of the Jazz at the Pawn Shop guys will ever sale.
Like Montejay, I kind of like it too. It is well recorded, and makes for a decent demonstration disk. The jazz music on it is just okay. Nothing great, but not bad either. And since I don't have any other jazz music like it, it is unique in my collection.

My two cents worth.
Very well recorded---live jazz with an intimate club feel ----I like it --listen for yourself and make up your own mind--
Remember folks, we all have different tastes. However if you are a fan of this
disc., check out the First Impression Music disc. It is a 24bit 100KHz
recording. The disc is using 99.9999 silver instead of aluminum.
I find the disc is superior to all other cd versions. More body, depth, detail,
etc. Only problem is it is extremely costly...$65 ouch! I just had to try it.
For me it was worth it. I find these 24bit 100KHz remasters are superb.
Many will not like the music content.
I bought it when it first came out, and hve listened to it only about two times. The music/playing is mediocre and uninteresting. If one has no inclination to go to a club, but is interested in hearing what a dinner club performance sounds like (including noise from silverware and glasses) this is the recording to get, otherwise, it hs no real value.
I played it once - not sure what all the fuss is about - too laid back for my tastes I guess (I like dynamic feel of live instruments).

FWIW: Maceo Parker "Roots & Grooves" Live is definitely worth buying if you like live sound with great horns and masterfully engineered by precision German Engineering. This is especially true if you found Jazz at the Yawn Shop a Yawn. The nice thing about Roots & Grooves is that Maceo plays a bunch of Ray Charles stuff with some nice arrangements before easing into out an out funk.
Yawn....oops, sorry, yawn.....
Good, but not great.
A very good recording of inoffensive, unremarkable music.
Thanks everyone for your input.... Sounds excruciating... I think I'll stay far away.
Excruciating? Hardly.
You want excruciating; listen to Barry Manillow!
You want excruciating; listen to Barry Manillow

Did you mean to say excrement? ;-)
Come, come, at least Manilow wrote a few tunes rather than turgidly regurgitating past musical styles without regard to interpretation or meaning. Now if you could get Arne Domnerus and crew to do "Mandy" you would really have a great audiophile touchstone. Seriously, do not disregard the excellent Proprius label based on this treacle, I can heartily recommend a couple of their recordings that combine great, transcendental, music with fabulous recorded quality. They are "Kor" and "Cantate Domino". Happy listening.
Far from excruciating--it is really quite good--despite some of the negative comments--jazz is so variable in style--I like their rendition of "take five " others may not --like alot of opinions on the gon my advice is to listen to a copy for yourself--I have recordings that people raved about that are collecting dust and others that were just spot on --rich