Jazz Album of the Year?

I stumbled across this CD by accident and simply cannot stop listening to it. It's a jazz album in the old school style (not smooth jazz, thank you, thank you, thank you) and these guys just play their fingers off. It cooks like no jazz album I've heard in a long time. Also, the recording is superb, the dynamics sound like an analog recording, and the energy builds to the end of the record which makes you go back and start it again.

It was done in 2004 so I guess it won't the jazz album of this year, but what a find!!!

Here it is:

Don Miller-Dial M for Bass
I bought mine on Amazon. Recommend the CD over the MP3 downloads as the recording rocks.
Thanks for the recommendation, Duane. Will check it out. Found some Don Miller live on You Tube but not that exact recording. No samples on A'zon.
Thanks for the heads up.
Nice call Duaneadam. I ordered it. Thanks.