Jazz Again

After a 30 year absence from the music scene I find my self yearning for just the rite music to buy to get back in the swing again. This is where you come in! Instead of me going out and foolishly spending good money on music I don't like, I will take your suggestions. I have all of Pink Floyd, Who, Ledzeplin, etc. but am looking for the best jazz I can find. I like sultry sacks and horns, heck anything sultry! Yes, I have read and copied the threads previously written on jazz but would like you to narrow it down. Thanks in advance, Lon
I am a huge Jazz fan. I have a library of several thousands titles, many are what I consider mainstream Jazz.

There are dozens of labels that turned out great music by well known Jazz artists. But if I had to direct you to what I consider the mother lode, it would be the two site links below.



If your taste runs more to abstract Jazz, this company has some of the best ever recorded. I have one complete shelf of their offerings too.


If your in the mood for easy going contemporary Jazz that doesn't come off like elevator music, this company has recorded some excellent artists. I am particularly fond of their live on location work.


For the most complete data base on these greats, including everything they recorded and who they recorded with, follow this link.


This is my favorite music information site, it has light reviews, comments about the artists style, their influences and followers.

You should be able to come up with enough great material to keep you in your music chair for a week. Good luck with your quest.
Here's five classic jazz titles:
Time Out -- Dave Brubeck Quartet
Kind of Blue -- Miles Davis
Blue Train -- John Coltrane
Sunday at the Village Vanguard -- Bill Evans Trio
Live at the It Club -- Thelonious Monk
(Brubeck, Evans, and Monk play the piano, while Davis plays trumpet and Coltrane plays sax.)

Another five for "smooth jazz":
Duotones -- Kenny G
Seduction -- Boney James
Mister Magic -- Grover Washington, Jr.
A Thousand Kisses Deep -- Chris Botti
A Day in the Life -- Wes Montgomery
(Botti plays trumpet, Montgomery plays guitar, and the rest play sax.)

Hope some of this strikes your fancy.
WOW, you guys are great. I have many hobby's (cars, boats, etc.) and am on many other forums, but I must say you guys are the best! Great info, freely given. Thanks 4 taking the time to respond, I will check out all your info and dive head first into it. Thanks to Rich also 4 the help and info on diff. speakers options. Hope to be able to contribute back, Lon
For fusion visit:


For contemporary and smooth jazz visit:


for Straight Ahead, Bop, Post-Bop and abstract jazz visit:


Since you mentioned..."Pink Floyd, Who, Led Zeplin..." You might want to try some of the fusion/soul/groove styles like:

Chick Corea/Return to Forever - Romantic Warrior
Herbie Hancock - Headhunters
Donald Byrd - Black Byrd or Harlem Blues
Grover Washington, Jr. - Inner City Blues any of the best of cds
Stanley Turrentine - West Side Highway, T-Time and any of his Best of cds
Jimmy Smith - Finest Hour
Stanley Clark - School Days
Lenny White - Collection, Tribute to E.W.F. and Adventures of Astral Pirates.
Yellowjackets - Mirage a Trois
Jeff Lorber - Wizard Island
Joe Sample - Carmel
Spyro Gyra - Morning Dance
John Klemmer - Touch

Others you should have in your collection are the ones Jameswei mentioned above.

That should keep you busy for several months and stimulate the economy. :)

Happy hunting and listening,

The Tatum Group Masterpieces - Art Tatum & Ben Webster
(it's on XRCD)
Desmond Blue - Paul Desmond w/ Strings
John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman
Ballads - John Coltrane
My Funny Valentine - Miles Davis in Concert
Thad Jones & Pepper Adams Quintet - Mean What You Say
Stream KCSM.org. It is a REAL jazz station with REAL jazz. This station has real DJs who are extremely knowlegeable about the music.

The way you do it is listen, and start writing down things YOU like. Yes, many of the recommendations listed above are very good, but, don't think that there is "mandatory" listening. Let your own tastes be your guide.