Jays CD2- Mk3 CDT vrs CEC-TL5 CDT

I have narrowed it down to these two units. I haven't heard back from Tom, at Audio Union, in Springfield, MO. yet.( Good company and good service or not ?) Apparently they handle the CEC units in the states. I believe they also service them in MO. Also, Not sure,  as he hasn't answered my e-mail yet. Also the CEC's are belt driven. Not sure if that's good or bad, or makes little difference? They are also more expensive than the JAYS. Jays warranty is one year, and unknown at this time about CEC's? They both appear to be outstanding units. They will be matched up with my Meitner MA 1-V2 DAC. If anyone can shed a little light on this topic, it would be great. Thanks Robert TN


Thanks so much  for the added advice. Yes, I have looked at the Project, and it is now after some research, a top contender. Thank you. Robert TN

I have a CEC TL-1x that at one time was Stereophile A rated, still seems to be good to me but I have no idea how it compares to the newer CEC. It weights 39 pounds, it's built well. Just had the belt replaced and it still works perfectly.

Just be aware that the Jay’s transports do not allow you to program tracks, while the CECs do, if this is a feature you care about.

should I choose the Project unit, can anyone recommend a compatible Linear power supply. Thanks, As always

Does it bother anyone else that the Project Transport CD Box RS2T, being around the 3K price point, comes with a $.50 Wall wart Power supply. Yes, you can buy an upgrade for better sound, but, not really the point, you shouldn't have to.  Comments