Jays Audio cdt2 mk3 burn in and user experiences

I got one to replace my Audiolab 6000cdt that was scratching discs. The Jays was disappointing sounding out of the box, wondering if I had made a good choice, the Audiolab sounded better at that point but after 24 hours the Jays is sounding much better. Jays Audio recommends burning it in for 400 hours, what is your experience with burn in? Just using the rca dig out right now. Wondering about the upgraded cd clamp. Anything else to know?


I want to buy a Jay's CD transport but have been leery of importing one as I can't figure out how much the duty/tariff is. But, I just learned they have a US connection, TEK Specialists in Buda, TX. 

Does anyone know how to contact them? 


I got my CDT2 Mk3 from Tek Audio, thank you for the heads up.

So far I'm thrilled with what I'm hearing. I've only burned it in for 48 hours and it already sounds great.

One odd thing. My DAC is a Berkeley Alpha 3 which is HDCD capable. I realize the Jay's isn't, but neither was the Oppo 203 I was using. But with the Oppo the HDCD signal was recognized and decoded by the Berkeley. With the CDT2 Mk3 the Berkeley doesn't recognize the HDCD signal. All the research I've done indicates that the transport doesn't make any difference with HDCD. As long as the DAC is HDCD capable you should be able to take advantage of it. 

I've asked Jay's about this and am waiting to hear back. Anyone have any ideas? 



Glad to hear you're so pleased with the Jay's transport! You might try contacting Berkeley Audio Design about HDCD recognition, bet they'd know what it takes for their DACs to recognize and decode an HDCD signal.

This was listed in the specifications section of the Jays website.

“** Redbook CD transport only. Doesn't support HDCD/SACD/DSD”