Jayhawks fans

I ordered my copy (vinyl) of "Smile" as soon as I saw it available. Apparently there are two different labels/issues out now. I opted for the Music On Vinyl release (at a higher price) because I've found they offer consistent/quality vinyl and quite good sounding. I own several MOV titles.
While I don't have the aforementioned Jayhawks LP, I probably
own 80-90 Music On Vinyl LPs and also agree that they are
indeed very well done. There are a few stinkers, but overall
an excellent reissue label.
Listened, and this is yet another excellent title from MOV.
I have a Jayhawks compilation CD. I like it a lot sound quality is quite good overall as well.
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Remember seeing the Jayhawks frequently in the late 80s in Mpls...talk about an embarrassment of riches...Mats, Husker du, blue hippos, zu zus petals, gear daddies, soul asylum, swinging teens, cows, run Westy run, etc...and Prince Ofcourse!....mpls was the...place to be in the 80s if you could deal with harsh winters.
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