Jay's Audio transport

Hi again. Yesterday I started a thread regarding replacing my CEC TL2 transport. I received many helpful suggestions so far and thanks. However my question is directly related to the Jay's Audio product. Are they new to the market? If not how long have they been around? Not much info out there on them other than  one 6 moons review ,and here on Agon.
I spoke with Mike from Mike Powell audio yesterday when I discovered the Jay's Audio transport. He was helpful and raved about the product. Unlike the US rep for CEC he was like trying to extract a answer from a.potato.
I guess were I'm going with this thread is does anyone here have any more info regarding Jay's Audio? I guess I don't want to purchase a fly by night Chinese electronics builder that won't be around for support several years down the road.
Thanks Mark

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Hey adameos,

Your question has been answered numerous times before.  Different transports can and do effect the sound, sometimes for the better or the worse.  Read Srajan's Six Moon review on this transport, along with my comments in the review for details/explanation regarding your question.