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Hi again. Yesterday I started a thread regarding replacing my CEC TL2 transport. I received many helpful suggestions so far and thanks. However my question is directly related to the Jay's Audio product. Are they new to the market? If not how long have they been around? Not much info out there on them other than  one 6 moons review ,and here on Agon.
I spoke with Mike from Mike Powell audio yesterday when I discovered the Jay's Audio transport. He was helpful and raved about the product. Unlike the US rep for CEC he was like trying to extract a answer from a.potato.
I guess were I'm going with this thread is does anyone here have any more info regarding Jay's Audio? I guess I don't want to purchase a fly by night Chinese electronics builder that won't be around for support several years down the road.
Thanks Mark
teajay started a thread about Jay’s Audio CDT2 MK2 transport on the digital sub-forum here:

Your concerns are understandable but not easily resolved. I think 6moons overview of the owner and company make it pretty clear where they stand as far as longevity. Mr. Ho has been building his current business for ten years. However, the Chinese business community isn't open to the same degree of scrutiny that companies the US and Europe are. You're taking a leap of faith to some degree. The much lower price point of Chinese manufacturing comes with benefits and risks to the consumer. If the consumer wants greater certainty of longevity in a company, that comes at a higher price. 
I have one coming, ordered last night. Really looking forward to it. I went with the CDT2 since the transport and laser are still in production compared with the CDT3, and it looks as though maintenance in that area was designed to be very simple indeed, when necessary.

My reasoning for choosing them, beyond the glowing reviews, is that if no one takes a shot on new or up and coming products, how will they survive in the market? If it is half as good as everyone is saying it is, it will sell very well. There are some other brands Mike is carrying which I have interest in as well, namely Kinki Studios.
Hi toddrhodes thanks for your input. I did a little research on the subject you were speaking of regarding the Philips CDM4 transport used in the Jay's Audio transport. Unfortunately that transport is no longer in production. The likely hood of a premature failure is highly unlikely, however I'm not risking $2200.00 if in the event 5 years down the road it does fail. I will have a$2200.00 boat anchor so I have scratched the Jay's Audio off my list.
Is it not possible for a model replacement transport to be dropped into a machine such as this, IF there is a transport failure? 
Funny you should ask that jriggy! I have a email into Vishine asking that question. I'm in the mechanical repair industry so cannot speak intelligently with regards to using another transport. But from what I see in my experience is these manufactures could care less about about servicing after the sale. Just my opinion.
jriggy, read the review of the Jay's Audio CDT over at 6moons.com. Sarjan goes to great lengths to explain the design philosophy behind the unit and the ease of replacing the transport should anything go wrong.

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nonoise,I just read that review. Unless there is another one that is longer than the one I just read on my phone. I saw were Sarjen made no mention and the ease of replacing the transport. If you have that can you put it on this thread so I can see it please? If that is the case then I may reconsider.
Thanks Mark
Here, hopefully, is the page (#6) of the review that states it:

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markum01, according to Mike Powell (Jay’s Audio US distributor), the replacement laser is $150 complete while the entire CDM4 assembly with laser is $350 complete. The prices are for ordering non-warranty parts that didn’t fail during the warranty period (otherwise, the parts are free if they fail during the warranty period). 
Celander thanks for your input I understand that I can still purchase another spare for that fateful day. Or wait for it to fail 10 years from now only to find that there are no more to be had.
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I ordered a CDT-2 mk2 last Friday and look forward to hearing it in my system. It will replace a CEC TL-5. I have high hopes for it. This will be my first foray into the Chinese audio market and by all reports its a very solid product, so I'm taking the plunge. 
I wouldn’t have investigated the parts price if it were not for GeorgeHiFi raising a scare in us on the NuPrime CDT-8 Pro transport thread that Tweak1 started (https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/is-the-nuprime-cdt-9-pro-a-best-kept-secret).

Not sure how easy replacing the laser part would be, but the entire CDM4 assembly seems easy to accomplish based on what said in the 6Moons review.

Congrats, mac! It’s a great transport! It really adds a lot to my enjoyment of CD playback. I summarized my thoughts in teajay’s thread about the transport.
Thanks nonoise ! Maybe I will reconsider I intend demoing a Simaudio 260D and a Rega Saturn R before I make my final decision.
Thanks for that eBay lead regarding the laser mech, Nonoise. I saw a similar lead GeorgeHiFi posted on Tweak1’s thread. I need check my local eBay site for it.