Jay's Audio CDT2-MK2

I just received my Jay's Audio transport, about which much has been written in this forum.  I hadn't considered upgrading my Wadia 8 Transport, even after reading @teajay's review of the Jay's transport, but I suddenly started having some issues with the Wadia and figured it might be time to look at something else.  
I have heard the Marantz SA-10 is a great CD player, but I don't need a DAC and I only play Redbook discs, so that player seemed overkill and overly expensive for my needs.  I have also dreamed of owning a Esoteric CD player for many years, but they also cost more than I have wanted to spend on a CD player.  When I read the review(s) on the CDT2-MK2 I became very intrigued, and recently decided to buy one.  
BTW, I noticed on their website they only show silver as a color option, so I decided to send them a message to see if I could get it in black.  To my delight he said yes, so let it be known that it is available in black and that mine is indeed, black.  If you were to ask be how much blacker it could possibly be, I'd simply answer, "none."  None more black.
Anyway, I can tell you one thing that I've learned so far, the color of the unit has nothing to do with its sound quality.  
The sound quality is quite simply the best I have ever heard in my system.  I realize that I'm writing this after a mere three hours of listening, but sometimes components have that kind of impact.  This transport is really amazing. 
I wanted to share my initial impressions right away.  I hope to have something more to say after the unit is properly broken in.  For now all I can say is it was worth every penny spent.   
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Hey snackeyp,

Congrats!  It is a wonderful piece of gear.  I still find it hard to believe, based on build quality and performance, how reasonably priced it is.
Yeah, it's really great.  This thing is built to last.  Very impressed with it.  
It's odd that there is no instruction manual but honestly I think I know how to use a CD player at this point in my life.  
It's fun to spin redbook again!
Hey, I seem to recall someone wrote about a source where they sell the mechanism that's in this unit for not very much money.  I thought I might like to buy one as a spare while they are still available, but I can't find the post that mentioned this.  Any idea where to find this?  Thanks! 
I am also milking the last life out of a Wadia 8 transport and have had my eye on the Jays transport. Great to see that it is offered in black or as you say very black which is fine as it will be going behind some wire mesh doors, after you get it settled in would love to hear what dac you are using with it, which cable you are using to link them and your impressions of it after the newness wears off. Enjoy the music.
A quick search turned up this unit: https://www.ebay.com/itm/One-PHILIPS-CDM4-4-19-laser-head-NEW-OLD-STOCK/123719550892?hash=item1cce4287ac:g:UmEAAOSwsTxXkhS4
and this:

You may have to do a little more digging to find others out there.

All the best,
@snackeyp , thanks for the impression! Glad that you like it. Yeah, we thought it’s pretty intuitive to use, hence omit the instruction manual.

Some photos of the very limited Black CDT2-MK2

Thanks @nonoise . CDT2-MK2 uses CDM4/19, you nailed it :)

Hope it helps!

Alvin @ Vinshine Audio
The DAC I'm using is the built-in DAC on my Lyngdorf TDAI-3400.
I bought a AES/EBU digital cable from Audio Sensibility to link the two.  

Thanks for the links.  I will check them out.  
@ snackeyp, thanks for sharing your experience with the CDT2-MK2 .. been curious about this transport. I hope I'm adding to this thread but I'm wondering will a CD player such as the Jay's audio CDP-2 ($1k more) always be better than a transport connected to an external DAC? At least from this brand?
@alvin1118, as an example, would a Ddenefrips DAC connected to a CDT2-MK2 sound better than Jay's CDP-2?  or @ snackeyp would the CDP-2 sound better into your analog inputs of your Lyngdorf instead of the CDT2-MK2 to your AES/EBU?  I may be asking for an answer that may only be obtained through trial and error.
I hope I don’t sound too ignorant about high end components, but I’m confused about the cdt2-mk2. I’m confused as to whether it’s just a transport or is it a stand a lone CD player. If it’s a transport only what quality dac are people using to get the sound their getting?
@sidog 1460
CD-transport only.
I use an iFi ProDac on valve output stage with a Black Cat Silverstar Mk.2 BNC-to-BNC digital connection.
Very, very musical combo.
Sorry I just read all the prior post and they answered my question.
Happy for you!

Looking forward to your 100 hour+ impressions

Do you have burn in discs?
@hrabieh In my experience the separate transport and DAC set up has always sounded better, but I'm sure there are no absolutes here.  I have no experience with Jay's CDP-2 but I can imagine if it's built to the same standards as their transports it's probably a pretty good player.  
Plenty of high end CD Players include a DAC.  A good transport is a better option for folks who have a specific DAC they want to use for their digital system.  I also have a music server that runs through my DAC, so I wanted to run my transport through the same DAC.  If you have multiple digital sources you want to run through the same DAC it's usually cheaper to buy a stand alone transport.  
If you do buy a CD player that has its own DAC, I recommend choosing one that has digital outputs so that you can bypass their DAC if you find another one you like better.  Some CD players also have digital inputs to allow you to run other source components through the onboard DAC of the player.  This is a nice feature when the player has a state of the art DAC built in.  It allows you to run all your digital through one input on your amplifier for one.  
Another thing to mention is I have had bad experiences with CD player mechanisms failing over time.  The Jay's transport is very well built, so my hope is that it will last longer than some other players I've had (not low end ones btw) that did nothing but disappoint.  
The Jay's was often paired with a Denafrips DAC, but then Denafrips came out with their own transport, about which we haven't heard too much...
For now all I can say is it was worth every penny spent. my hope is that it will last longer than some other players I’ve had snackeyp
And to protect your new purchase, I suggest you get a new genuine Philips CDM-4 laser to store away for it, as they are getting very rare to find new and genuine.

Here are two new genuine that are listed, whole mech/laser and the other just laser.



Cheers George

Do you recommend buying the laser-lens with or without the mechanism
It's always nice to have everything new, but if your mechanically comfortable with things John, get just the laser, doing the whole laser/mech will take less than an 1hr, doing the laser only "could" be up to 1.5hrs.

Cheers George
Thanks George.
By the way, I bought the Holo Spring 2 DAC, KTE version. I could not be happier with this DAC. It is just musical. No need to elaborate.

12:10amThanks George.
By the way, I bought the Holo Spring 2 DAC, KTE version. I could not be happier with this DAC. It is just musical. No need to elaborate.
Do you like the NOS mode the best like I did?

Cheers George
Hi Guys 
I have owned many cd transports and 
dacs .
The best I have heard so far is the Jays Transport with Mojo Audio R2R Ladder Dac with Black Cat Digit 75 digital cable.
my next purchase will be a Denafrips Terminator along with Black Cat Tron 
Jays Transport deserves the best.
Its like listening to the best analog system with the dynamics of cds.
Hey shakira,

What makes you think the Denafrips Termintor will be a setup from your Mojo Audio R2R Ladder Dac?  Different, possibly, better not necessarily.