Jay’s Audio CD2-Mk3 or PS Audio PST?

Will the price difference get me a better sound with the PST?. Will be using a Bricasti M1 DAC. Thanks.



I used an early generation P.S.Audio PWT for 10 years and was unfailingly happy with it. It is reliable and provided "very good" sound quality.  Some listeners who've heard both the PWT and Jay's Audio CD2 MK II/III say the latter is better.  I'm unaware as to what degree the latest P.S. Audio transport has improved compared to the previous generation PWT. 

You should give consideration to the Pro-Ject CD Box RS2T.  On this forum some have compared it to the Jay's Audio CDT2 MK III and report the Pro-Ject is better sounding. In my opinion any of the three given their high level of performance would pair well with your Bricasti M1 DAC which I'm quite familiar with.  My recommendation is the Pro-ject. Best of luck. 


Do you know where can I get the Pro-ject cd transport and the power supply at a good price?

I talked to Wally at Underwood HiFi a couple of weeks ago.  He said the middle of March at the earliest for the Project CD Box RS2T and Linear Power Supply.  Lucky for me I picked these up earlier from a couple of other dealers.

+1 on the Pro-Ject. Newest mechanism, Blue Tiger designed by "pope" of CD,  Micheal Jirousek.


@fuzztone is correct. The Jay's Audio CDT2 MK III uses the discontinued Phillips Pro-2 CD drive mechanism (And to their credit they have stocked up on replacement units). The Pro-Ject CD BOX RS2 uses the latest Stream Unlimited  CD Pro-8 drive unit (And includes the Blue Tiger servo control card). I can tell you that the Pro-Ject sounds fantastic!


Thanks to everybody!!! I think the Pro-ject is gonna live in my house in a near future.

I’m curious to know how the project plays less than perfect cds. My Cambridge has not skipped once on any cd I have played. Pretty amazing actually. 

Mofojo, I have quite a few CDs dating back to the early 80s that show wear and tear and the Pro-Ject has read them without problems. Over the years I’ve had players that skipped, and would then clean the disc to get a better read, but this hasn’t been an issue for me over the 6-7 months I’ve had the Pro-Ject.