Jay Gordon Holt

Santa Fe Audio Society pays homage too the great Audiophile Jay Gordon Holt who passed away July 20th 2009.

As an aging audiophile who remembers 45's and the introduction of cassette, I have to say I learned a lot from J. Gordon Holt. When Stereophile was still a small, little known publication for a small, little audio population; I became interested in Hi-Fi. The decades have gone by and reproduction of recorded music on audio systems continues. Technologies change, but the goal remains the same. Mr. Holt, thank you.
Sorry to hear about about this.....and I didn't realize that he had passed on. I read alot of his aricles through the years and used his opinions about audio - as a guide in setting up my systems.
This is a great loss to the audiophile/multichannel community, and I for one have missed his opinions since he stopped reviewing. His candid, honest and accurate observations have been a source of inspiration and guidance for me since I first picked up a Stereophile and read about others who could "hear a difference" and the difference mattered. This was many years ago, in the "small mag. Stereophile " days. Jay Gordon Holt, you will be missed......Jallen