Jay CDP3 or CDT2 + Terminator?

How does the Soekris DAC in Jay Audio CDP sound (used in CDP2/3)?  Would be interested in how it compares to Jay Audio's own standalone R2R like the terminator?  The CDP3 versus CDT2+Terminator as a comparison if anyone has experience or share some thoughts please.  
OP: this is a confused post. Jay’s Audio use their own technology unrelated to Soekris. The Terminator DAC is a product made by Denafrips, not Jay’s Audio.
@austurias Probably best to reach out to Alvin of Vinshine Audio directly to have him walk you through the options your are considering (given your close proximity to Singapore).
Actually, it states on Jay's Audio site that the CDP2 and CDP3 uses a version of the Soekris DAC in the player. Googling the insides shows it.
I've also been interested if anyone has heard it as I can't find a single review of it online.

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Hello guys,

Jay’s Audio CDP uses Soekris R2R DAC board.

If space is not a constraint, I’d recommend to go for the CDT and external DAC. It would be a better choice for greater play-ability and fun.

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