Jawbone Bluetooth or equiv small speakers. Any others that may be better?

My little Jawbone travel speakers finally gave up the ghost.  They sound like they are playing through a kazoo.  I have always liked them.  Nice and small and do the job.  Before I replace with the same item, curious if there are other speakers that folks like better for some reason.  Things I like:  They broadcast from the front & rear. So if placed right, sound much larger than they are.  The battery lasts a reasonable amount of time.  The size can't be beat for travel.
What could be better: Bottom could be stickier so it doesn't move around so much.  Other than that I dig 'em.
Thanks all, John
"Jawbone is going out of business. Jawbone as we knew it is no more. The tech company that produced Bluetooth earpieces and wireless speakers before betting everything on fitness tracking has entered into liquidation proceedings, according to a new report from The Information.Jul 6, 2017"

you may want to look and see if you can even still buy them new. 

I've heard the little JBL bluetooth speakes and was impressed for what they are.
I had no idea.  Shopping here I go.