I just saw a copy of the infamous "Black Album" going for $20,000! WOW indeed.
Hopefully it's a real promo copy from 1987 and not a bootleg or re-release.
This is interesting...
That seller is really using Prince's passing to their advantage. I feel a little weird about that but what can you do. People will always try to exploit situations to their advantage.
Agree. He's not the only one, but that's beyond the pale.
If by "Jaw Dropping," you mean ridiculous...I agree!
Would never buy any LP on ebay.

In the mid-90's, a real copy of The Black Album was selling for upwards of $10k.
My only question is...Why?
When artist dies ones albums may become very hot. Whitney Houston first album was selling at high dollar for about a month or two than back to buck and a half.
"Very hot" is one thing, $20,000 is another. Even if it was on 200 gram, solid 24K gold, it wouldn't be worth $20,000. Who comes up with this stuff?
I guess some people have "more dollars than sense"...
ejr1953172 posts04-29-2016 9:49amI guess some people have "more dollars than sense"...

I betcha most that post and shop around here.
it sold for $305...where are you getting $20,000 from????
it sold for $305...where are you getting $20,000 from????

The OP posted the link for the 7" 45RPM, which did sell for $305.  I stated just after that, that I saw a "Black Album" for an asking price of $20K. Sorry for the confusion.

"Going for" is wishful thinking. Good luck to the seller.
I think we get that!