JAS Speakers

Any one have any personal experience with the JAS floor stander line of speakers, particularly the Orsus or the Odin? I heard both recently at a dealer and was extremely impressed, expecially driven by big tubes. Both the mid and upper openness of the ribbon tweeters and the bass slam were extraordinary. Haven't seen too much written about them and was curious of any owners personal experience and long term satisfaction.
Have listened for hours to the Orsus and Odin, maybe an hour to the Orior. Would like to hear the Orior Grande because I loved the Orior. The Odin has one woofer more than the Orior Grande, and IMO a bit more bass than I need in my room. The Accuton woofer is amazing and of course the ribbons are superb. (If you go to George Short's North Acoustics Web site and hunt around you'll find that somewhere he says that the Aurum Cantus ribbon was as close as he's heard to an Apogee's... and he should know... but I think I even prefer the JAS Audio ribbon to the Aurum Cantus.) There was an immediacy, clarity and harmonic rightness in the sound that, in the words of a pal, "made my own speakers sound dirty."