Japanese Transport and Transformer

I recently purchased a Japanese transport directly from Japan. I know the manufacturer (CEC) makes a U.S. version, so I was stunned when the unit arrived with a transformer to convert from Japanese to U.S. voltage. I use a Transparent Power Bank to a dedicated circuit in my set up. My question is will I experience any sound quality issues with the transformer? Should I plug it into the Powerbank or directly into the outlet? Also, the transformer that was included seems like a piece of crap. Looking for a recommendation to upgrade. I haven't tried the transport yet; looking for comment here as I may return it.
Even if the transformer looks like a piece of crap, it will very likely improve the unit's sound and not degrade it as you fear.

That has been my experience with every digital source I have ever used in my home. Isolating the electrical supply with a transformer has opened up the soundstage and improved definition significantly. Your transformer is meant to step the supply up from 100V to 117V but it will have isolating properties as well. So IMHO you're in luck.

Try the connection both ways and see if one is better--that is , with the transformer plugged into the wall or into the Powerbank.

As for upgrades, you may not need one (some very good-sounding transformers don't look very impressive). However two good names in aftermarket isolation are Topaz and Xentek.
Conedison8 -

Your CEC transport is a 100-volt Japanese version. You need to use a Japanese-made transformer for optimum sound quality. Your CEC only uses 10 or 11 watts, so the free transformer which was included is a low-end unit (perhaps a 35-watt Kashimura).

My recommendation is that you should obtain a Nissyo NDF-550U. Using this transformer will eliminate the need for a power conditioner, because it takes USA-117 volts and brings it down to 100-volts. Only use a Japanese transformer for a Japanese unit, because the cords on the transformers cannot have a groundpin. If you are interested in the Nissyo, e-mail me, as I know how to find one for $120, imported from Japan. Thanks.
Renjy651, thanks for clarifying the function of the transformer. It is indeed meant to step the NA 117V supply down to the Japanese 100V, and not the other way around, as I stated, wrongly, above. Conedison8, I apologize for my goof.