Japanese reissue CD question

I had the high bid on eBay for a Japanese CD of Metallica "Black Album" I got it for $26 and its described as in excellent shape.It has a bonus track on it.I know a bit about the sound quality of Japanese LPs's as I have a few.My questions are: Is this a good price and is it bound to go up in value? Also,how will the sound compare to the Elektra release I already have that sounds pretty darn good already...... Thanks!
If it's the same one I'm thinking of, I have it and could not hear any difference in SQ. The catalog number on mine is Sony SRCS 5577. The bonus track is "So What" which can now also be found on Garage Inc. You might want to hold out in the future on other imports as DCC is supposedly going to remaster all the discs up to and including the Black Album. They have already released Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets which sound incredible. Metallica kind of pissed me off when they released Garage Inc. because I spent a couple hundred dollars or more in the early 90's on just import cd singles to get my hands on all the cover songs that now appear on Garage Inc. for $19. It left a bad taste in mouth. Since the last 3 albums have pretty much sucked I no longer consider myself a big fan anymore. Maybe they might find their way back to the music that made them legends.
SHEEZE! I guess I should have just been happy with my Elektra copy!! I figured since Japanese vinyl is killer then Japanese CDs would be also.I wanted a GOOD vinyl copy of the Black album but the prices are sky high for this album.Oh well,live and learn (and blow money)
Since CDs are cheap to make and the master can be stored on computer media, I doubt many CDs will ever become "valuable". A friend had a very valuable Laserdisc collection; all special editions and collectors editions. They DVDs came out and the laserdisc became almost worthless overnight.
david: i've collected japanese pressings of lp's for many years and have hundreds now in my vinyl library. the great bulk of these records are more valuable than their american counterparts because they are pressed on virgin vinyl and are "remastered," most but certainly not all, more pleasingly done than other versions. they are also readily identifiable because of the obi strip that bands all "complete" albums.

japanese cd's are, likewise, generally remastered versions but done on the same aluminum blanks as the "originals." many of these cd's are remastered a little "hot" or bright for my tastes. i therefore generally avoid purchasing such cd's unless i know they are "collectable" (e.g., all the beatles albums) or are "japanese only" recordings (e.g., collections of paul simon and bruce springsteen, particularly live asian concerts). in my view, it is not generally worth the premium charged to buy japanese cd's that are mere "copies" of other pressings; there are exceptions, as noted, but best be aware of what you covet. good listening. -kelly
Thanks Kelly,Grumpy and Sugar.Im expanding my music collection to include CDs and Im now up to 12 CDs!
I see some real low prices on eBay for used CDs.Check it out!I still feel vinyl is the best bet and best bang for the buck.I will keep hunting for a copy of the "Black Album" on vinyl..... anyone have one for sale??