Japanese Pressings?

Hi all; I've been looking at resource outlets for Japanese pressing lps/cds and was wondering if any of you have dealt with Music Tower Japan that I came across on ebay.com.au
Their prices mostly start at $5.09 au,which is 4.99 usd, but the s/h seems a little steep. At this time, Sun. Oct.31st, 9am cst. there is a Moody Blues' Every Boy Deserves.. at $9.99 with 14 hrs to go. Not too bad. S/H to USA is $11 plus $5 for certified mail, which they seem to require. However their rating is at 98% positive, with around 45 negatives the year!
Any knowledge of this outfit?
Thanks to all and thanks to macdadtexas for his reply to my query into his resource for Japan Pressings
The best digital sound for almost all Moody Blues are the original Deram releases made in West Germany in the early '80s.

I like lots of Japanese CDs, particularly first pressings. But not for the Moodies.

Thanks Metralla for your response. As regards vinyl, what of the Japanese vinyl for any genre? Also, your source for them?