Japanese Jazz Musicians

Where can I find some of the recordings of Kunihiko Sugano, Eiji Kitamura, etc? These audiophile recordings of excellent Japanese jazz musicians were produced by Audio Lab in the early 80's. They were sold through a US distributor called Audio Source. Thanks for your help.
Many of these musicians appear on albums recorded via the Three Blind Mice label re-released by JVC. Some albums are currently available at www.elusivedisc.com (just do a search on the artists' names or Three Blind Mice). Sugano's "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing" is JVCXR026. Sugano also appears as a keyboardist on albums headlined by Isao Suzuki: "Blow Up," "Blue City," "Orang-utan," and "Touch." Kitamura's "Our Delight" is GMLXR30361, also at Elusive Disc. I have found Three Blind Mice recordings to be technically excellent, especially as presented on JVC's XRCD (and successors) format. I think they are also well suited for auditioning equipment. Good luck.