japanese imports

is there a safe site online to buy japanese cd and lp imports that are not available in the us.
I have not bought from this site but have read a lot of positive posts on different forums.It's kind of laid out goofy but I did manage to find some interesting stuff.Good luck in your search.

agree with tpreaves...also obiland.com
I have bought them from some chinese sellers in ebay with good prices.
I've used cdjapan. Thumbs up.
I've bought a few items from CD Japan and although the prices are a little steep they are very good and offer discount coupons that help a little.
I used Amazon Japan recently and found it to be excellent, as long as you are buying the CDs new directly from Amazon, not from re-sellers. I believe the prices are better than on CD Japan.

The site is accessible at the bottom of the Amazon US screen. Then, once you get to Japan, there is a button in the upper right hand corner of the screen to translate into English.

The individual CDs are shown with their cover in English, which should identify the performer and the music. Prices are in yen, but you can easily translate to dollars.

If you need anything else translated, translate.google.com works reasonably well.

S/H is about $4.50 per disc. I had a large order of CDs arrive three days after I submitted the order.

I've purchased from Amazon.jp and CDJapan. IMO: Both are excellent although Amazon seems to be a bit faster. I believe they use FedEx while CDJapan uses the PO.

Make sure the CD you want is actually manufactured in Japan. Both sites sell imported CDs (imported into Japan, frequently from the USA). If you buy one of these, you'll be paying Japanese price plus shipping for a CD you can purchase here. I think CDJapan labels these as imports.

On a related note, the exchange rate sucks right now. 8^(