Japanese CD's

I have been very impressed with the fidelity of Japanese pressed redbook CD's. Is there a difference between those that are sold as just imports and those that are sold as "mini LP's"? Which type has the OBI strips, or do both?
I am also very fond of cd's from Japan, as some titles have sounded better than the US Sacd titles! In my experience, there a winners in both the mini-lp, & jewel case variety. Both generally are accompanied with an OBI if new. However the OBI, & Mini-lp are just packaging, & the cd is what you should be concerned with. Have Fun!
The way I've understood this:
The mini-LP's are "collector's" and the "regular" imports have bonus tracks. They have to fit one or the other to be sold in the US if the original title is still available here. Japanese CD's are excellent, and the mini-LP packaging is very, well, cool.

I've had mixed results with Japanese CDs...the Mobile Fidelity version of Barnstorm by Joe Walsh sounds much better than the Japanese version...I did like the Wildweeds/Best and Rare...they used the original masters from the Wallingford, CT studios...none of the CDs I consider to sound the best are Japanese...jury's still out, but I'm not a big fan (with a limited sample to date)
Go to www.musicmastersworldwide.com. Thay have alot of Japanese CD's in jewel cases, and they specialize in Japanese "mini LP CD's". I have shopped there for along time. They have fair prices and fast shipping.

Alesantin- I had no trouble getting the site...you might want to retry. Good Site by the way!

Thanks Krellviscsom!
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When CD's were introduced I was able to find many Japanese imports at Tower Records in NYC. From labels like Canyon and Electric Bird featuring a lot of the NYC session aces. I've got 2 Bob Mintzer CD's featuring the Brecker Bros. and Jaco Pastorious that pre-date his 1st DMP Big Band release. I've got 2 by pianist Jorge Dalto feat. George Benson. I remember reading something in Billboard about restrictions regarding imported CD's and soon afterwards the well dried up at Tower. Anybody else have releases from these labels?, let's trade!
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Tok20000 turned me on to the Japanese pressing of "The Hunter" by Jennifer Warnes. It is much better then the US pressing and I found it on Ebay for about $15 shipped. I'm sure, if you know exactly what you are looking for, you could find the recordings y'all have mentioned, on Ebay. Of course, you will have to be careful, I've had my share of problems and dissapointments on Ebay........John
Red Trumpet has a large selection of Japanese mini-LP Sleeve CDs and other Japanese pressed CDs, and they are regularly importing them on a direct basis.
I've heard that Japanese CD's, other that audiophile issues, are not mastered from the original master tapes. At least that was true with some vinyl. Don't know for sure about CD's.