Japan cd player with HDCD under US 700

Thank you for your help
Rotel rcd 971 is an excellent hdcd player for $699 I have seen quite a few used here for 350-400$ it has dual differential burr brown 20bit dacs. Excellent value....
You mean Japanese CD player?
I don't know about that. But Harmon Kardon makes a 5 cd changer w/hdcd for about $300 US.
Arcam's model 8 has HDCD if I'm not mistaken. Good player.
Also used, EAD's 7000 mark III dac has it, as well as Ultradisc 2000
(see jeffsoundvalues.com)
The Rotel RCD971 is a nice player. The dual DACs are the same ones found in the RCD-990 and RCD-991. There is also a Rotel RCD-951 which lists new for $500; probably can get a dealer to discount 10%, or get a used one for even less. If you also want movies the Toshiba 3109 DVD Player has Dual Cd Trays, Built-in AC-3 decoder and HDCD decoder. I see them on eBay a lot for around $200 to $250 new old stock or used/mint.
the correct website is jeffssoundvalues.com