Jantzen Wax Coil or Mundorf M-Coil CFC

Hi Everyone,

Need to build a new crossover for my Tannoy Monitor Red. My first choice for inductor is Mundorf Copper Air , M-Coil CFC. But it don't have the value I need and so I have to ask Mundorf to custom made it for a price. Then I found the Jantzen Copper Wax Coil, which looks fancy and cheaper. However, Can't find any review online. 

I am wondering if anyone has experience with these coil and which is better? 


I have found the huge company  Solen (French Cap) to be every bit as good as expensive "audiophile" caps. It wouldn't surprise me if they made them for these boutique companies. And you can get them in just about any value.



Cheers George


But I am asking for Coil.....

Ooops sorry (brain fart), saw Mundorf, Jantzen and M and thought cap.

If that’s the case get over value air coil ones and with cheap inductance meter, take some winding off till you reach your preferred inductance.

Cheers George

So it doesn't matter which brand?

If the originals are air core and replaced with good quality air core with the same inductance and same dc resistance as the originals, I don’t think it matters too much.

But if you replace an iron core with an air core of the same inductance and dc resistance, then you "may" hear a difference, as an iron core will saturate earlier than an air core on big transients.

They sometimes use iron core chokes (coils) as a cost cutting (less copper needed) and for smaller physical size.

Cheers George

ok. So no need for fancy inductor?

Debatable if you would hear the expense difference. Just change any iron core inductors for air core of the same value and dc resistance.

Cheers George