Janis crossover

I have a Janis Interphase 1-A Subwoofer Crossover and Amplifier. I do not have the coffe table speaker. Can I still use the crossover with another brand of subwoofer? Suggestions???
Hi Andrew,

I am very familiar with the crossover you have. You can use any "passive" woofer, ie no amp inside. BTW - I have a Janis W1 15" subwoofer in walnut that is in 98% perfect condition, sonically and physically, it is a stunning piece of cabinetry. I am on the fence but may be thinking of selling it. I am in the Metro NY area.

Andrew, I don't know if you are still thinking about what to do with this amp, but two Janis subs were just listed (no, not mine; I just bought another a couple weeks ago) on eBay. I don't have mine yet, although I'm planning on trying it out on my SVS 16-46CS+. This should be a real test of the amp. If you'd like I'll pass on my findings....