Janis 1a crossover/amp

Hello all, I’m now the proud owner of TWO, count’em TWO Janis 1a boat anchors! I probably know the answer to this already but I’m gonna ask anyway! 
Does ANYBODY have a schematic for ANY of the different builds which were manufactured? 
I just picked up a pair for $150 purportedly in operable condition; I’ll know shortly if they function! 
All and all, it’s about $150 in diagnostics and bench repair time plus parts to repair these pieces and due to the fact they will be bastardized with generic non OEM parts, I’m not sure the money spent would justify the value received?
Moreover, it’s a bit disconcerting the two people who even agreed to look at them never heard of Janis. I guess South Jersey isn’t the place for vintage audio? I’m not going to bring up my dealings with people regard my quest for another pair of pristine Rogers Studio 1’s for a friend! 
You should take the to Dave Cox of Puckerbrush Audio in Norway ME. He is quite familiar with these subwoofers and has one with the amplifier.
I have three janis interphase crossover amps and janis woofers for sale.
Janis woofers-2 w3, 1 small one Janis subwoofer, 1 Janis interphase  crossover amp -located in Freeport, NY2 interphase crossover  amps-located in Westport, CT
If interested contact jmail1@optonline.net