Janis 15" Subs......Anyone???? B&W ASW-800 THX...

I have a set of the B&W ASW-800 subs and have considered moving to the Janis W-1 with the Janis amp/crossover.
I actually prefer the looks of the B&Ws (black ash) versus the Rosewood Janis. What would I expect from the Janis that I wouldn't get from the B&W's, or the other way around?

Has anyone heard, used, or owned W-1's?

I have all three Janis subs, a W1 (15) in a project studio, a W2 (15) in a home theater, & a W3 (12) in a small dedicated music room. They are matched with Tannoy 800 monitors (ss amp), Tannoy PBM 6.5 monitors (ss amp), and Merlin VSMs (SET tube amp). The drivers are quick and the continuously variable phase control provides good integration (I don't use the high pass filter but run the monitors full bandwidth). They are slot loaded which accounts for their quickness but also produces a resonance peak at about 315 Hz. Even with 18dB/oct crossover (fixed at 100Hz) I've noticed that using the same interconnects to my main amp and the Interphase amp to give best results. -- I have not heard the B&W sub so I cannot give a comparison but I can say I'm totally satisfied with how mine perform so I've never had the urge to try anything else.
I've been using W1s for years with good results with QUAD ESLs, 63s, and mini monitors. I also use it in a home theatre system. The Interphase unit is reasonably transparent. I turn the slot to the wall to minimize the resonance Danner was speaking of. If I had time I would experiment with the JANIS with the Bryston or MArchand tube crossover and try rolling them off at 40hz with a humungeous amp.
Hi Dan

I had a pair of the W-1's in my room when you first me me. They were in rosewood. They were very good but there are much better now by today's standards. Needless to say I sold them and am now using the behemoth Wilson XS.

Dan we still seem to be neighbors. My system has changed dramatically since you were here last. You should come by for a listen. Send me an e-mail if you want to come by

Have a look at some updated photos.