jamo speakers e650

I am new to this forum. I have an opportunity to buy a pair of Jamo's e 650 speakers at a good price $500(canadian) suggest retail $1000.00. I do not know much about Jamo. Are they a good speaker co.or am I better off with other brands. any recomandations for a medium size speakers in this price range.

I have not heard that particular model, but Jamo is a well-established speaker manufacturer in Europe - actually one of the largest ones. They are from (guess what?) Denmark. Their product ranges/target markets are in a way similar to Paradigm's, covering a wide range of sizes, prices, and purposes. So your speakers could be a great deal, or just a so-so buy.

Jamo's website is here

Good luck
I have the Jamo Concert 11s - D870s, I believe. I freak'n love 'em. I actually want to buy a new set of speakers; I want to get tied up into the rush and worry over musicality, and bass control, and sound stage; I want to fret over the technical details and build quality of Talon, Dynaudio, Audio Physics, and, yes, even Avantgarde (geez, what would I do with my amps?). Yes, I really do want to do all of these things until I bring my worried head back home and turn on some music. The non-fatiguing, rich sound of the Concert 11s sooth me, make me think of the next song I wish to hear. I yell at my wife, "Honey, come listen to this one," as she scurries about the useful household activities I too often neglect. I sit back and enjoy the richness of the sound, the depth of the sound stage, and the detail in the reproduction.

No, the Jamo Concert 11s are pretty freak'n fantastic and I would be hard-pressed to replace them - especially for the money. I don't know about the E650s, but the D870s are joyful in almost every respect.

Good luck!
Ccoczhou is correct. My friend has a pair and he loves them for the same reason Cocozhou states above. I have a bunch of speakers Talons, B&Ws and Alons, etc., these all beat the jamos but that does not mean that they are bad speakers, and they are very musical and easy to listen to. The bigest issue I have with the 11s is that they do not have the bass slam of the other speakers I own, but otherwise they are very open sounding, and easy to place. The B&W matrix 803 series II were not as open sounding but had a sweeter mid range, more natural adn better bass but the B&Ws require a lot of power to make them really sing.

Buy them and enjoy and Happy Listening.