Jamo professional 200

What the hell did i just buy? I bought these for my 2 year old son b/c he cannot destroy them,but insists upon hearing music through the spickies! I paid $50.00 for them,they have metal grills etc... it was them,or sonme Klipsch kg3's for $75.00 which to me sounded better,but he could have literally destroyed them in seconds. One of them is out of commission currently, i tore it apart and found the failed part,about 5 bucks to fix. So my main question,anyone ever seen these before? I know,they arent great by any means,but still curious?
Jamo is a Danish brand which got famous (more or less) in the eighties. They concentrated on butch-looking loudspeakers with some professional looking touches. They also had their own measuring-methods. Where they stated the loudspeakers could handle 200 Watts, it was actually around 130 or something. Also, they sounded a bit 'boom 'n tizz'.
A common problem with those speakers is that surround foam of the woofers deteriorates.

However, they also did some real 'high end'. Their Concert-series are very good, containg high class Vifa drivers. They also have a line of open baffle loudspeakers, fo which I've heard the RT-909 on a show. That was very impressing.