Jamo D830 In Walls: What to do?

I recently purchased a pair of Jamo D830 In Wall speakers with the idea of putting them in a cabinet and end up with a pair of nice speakers for the money. I didn't realize that the cabinet had to be an exact size and that drivers, enclosures and the crossover are all tuned for each other, and if this really is the case, wheredo designers start? At the drivers?

I figure I'll contact Seas and see if they can give me the specs for the cabinet size and go from there.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can get these babies singing at thier full potential?

I picked them up because they use Seas Excel midbass drivers and Seas Excel tweeters, and the front baffle on the In Walls looks identical to the D830 Bookshel speakers, and I assumed (I know, I know) that they used the same crossover (which I'm not sure about now).

Do you think I could get away with some .75 or 1.0 cubic foot enclosures from Dayton audio, cut out a hole in the baffle and then mount the in wall baffle to that? Should I look into having higher quality crossovers built by Madisound? Should I just sell them and cut my loses?

A full 8' wall cavity with standard stud width is approximately a 3 cubic foot enclosure. I doubt that a .75 to 1.0 will sound very good, probably poor bass response with just an overall thin sound.

I actually designed and built the D830IW for Jamo, it of course have a back enclosure.

Limo, if you need help with crossover for a freestanding unit I can help you, shoot me an email



Sorry Peter, guess I should have looked at the speaker first. I see that there is a back box enclosure and it is less than 1/2 cubic foot. There are so many in-walls, and I do know from experience that some do not sound very good when installed in a very small wall cavity. I'm sure it depends on the speakers' design.