Jamo Concert VII's

Looking at a pair of excellent condition Jamo concert 7's for 300$ to add to my system as perhaps a rear channel or ??. I currently have a pair of old original Infinity kappa 8.0's feeding from a sunfire 300x2 amp that I just love. I have never set eyes on these Jamos but hear some good things about them. Any input on this pair would be appreciated by you experts out there. Thanks in advance.
To my knowledge Jamo Concert 8, Concert 11 and the (big)
Orelle(?) are the best speakers Jamo produced. Concert 8
(two-way) and Concert 11 (floorstander) use the same mid
drivers and tweeters ( SEAS EXCEL). As made for each other
for a multi-channel system. Concert 8 was the best speaker
of the year 1998 according to EISA. No idea about USA prices but in Europe one can get them for cheap (+/-700 Euro for 8 and +/- 1000 E. for the 11). I use the 8 in my
second system.

I recently bought the Concert 8's for temporary use because I thought my ML Odysseys were starting to fail. I've used full range and monitors by Focal and was very happy with them but I've never owned any speaker that I was more impressed with than these eights. Detail is excellent and bass response is outstanding. I cant respond specifically to your question but either are probably good choices. All things being equal, my choice would be Jamo.
Great speaker just be careful with speaker cables I have had great success driving them with a Cayin integrated with Element cables interconnects non Eichmann I usually enjoy the Eichmann RCA set up but doesn't seem to work with this combination. Very enjoyable system compared to some really hi-end stuff I have had in the past. Very musical, great depth and good imaging, bass is decent and accurate down to 30 or so. In my room very large and high ceilings they fill the space well and with authority. Very musical great reproduction of all music genres, from small intimate jazz or classical to a full on orchestra to rock they reproduce the recording and performer accurately. Not very picky on placement, achieving go results pointing straight out into the room with no toe in and away from the rear wall about 2 feet isolated from the floor. Provides good instrument separation, depth, imagery and foundation for the bass. And a bonus you get great sound anywhere in the room the best is centered position 10 feet away but they are not put your head in a vise and stay there to listen speakers, all in the room can enjoy them. Bang for the buck or not and if you can find a nice pair I don't think you can beat them! Enjoy the music!