Jamo Concert 11 vs. Focal 726v

Hello. I am currently shopping around for some used speakers. I have found 2 very good deals and I'm wondering which ones are the best speakers for the price. I currently only have a Sony Receiver, so I don't have any high end components or amps. I do plan on upgrading the amp in the future but do not want to break the bank.

Here are the deals I am considering:
Jamo Concert 11 - $1000
Focal 726v - $700

Which of these 2 would be the better sounding speaker and better overall deal?
Focal, by far.
I strongly vote oposite. My fellow owns Jamo D870 (successor of Concert 11, esentially the same speaker), and all I can say is that these babies really sing... Driven by Primare PRE30/Parasound Halo A21 combo, the D870 produce something far beyond pretty bold expectations from Jamo, one generally underestimated manufacturer among audio guys.

Focal should be far more ambitious story, but I would not say in the case of Chorus 726V... I would rather say they achieve the Jamo Concert 11 class in their Electra series..
I have previously owned the Jamo Concert 11 - a magnificent well built loudspeaker with the superb cherry veneer. Has transparent mids, fatigue free treble and a solid bass - but not perhaps the tightest. Haven't heard the Focals. If you consider the Concert 11 - check that the midrange magnesium cone is in good condition because they can be affected by humidity. (they are replaceable).
jamo by far
Dwreck, buy the Focals and tell me where I can buy the Jamo's!!
Still waiting to hear where those Jamo's are...
jamo concert 11 speakers are rare. Everyone wants to keep them.
Wow, totally forgot about posting in this thread.  Coincidentally  (?), I just got some Jamo Concert 11's tonight, almost exactly 2 years after I wanted them in this thread!
I know you posted a year ago but since you posted two years later I thought it would be okay. Do you still have the Jamo speakers and how do you feel about them? I am in a vintage mood and since my son has the concert center and concert surrounds, I was contemplating getting him a pair of the concert 11 or D870.
 I have a pair of jamo concert 11. They are great.