James Taylor

Received my copy of the new JT CD, American Standard, earlier today.  

Played it thru my JBL L100 Classic set-up (large room, Luxman D05u CD/SACD player, Lyric Ti 140 KT150-driven integrated), and fell in love with it, the songs, the sounds, the singer, all of it.   Especially Moon River.  

Especially that one.  
What a treasure JT has been over the decades, will be sure to check this one out as I have always had a place in my heart for him and his music. What a gentle soul he seems to be. Enjoy the music
Yes!!! Thanks for the tip :-) glad you are enjoying it

i listen to Flag the other day - great memories 

also check out Valerie Carter who often backed JT her first two solo were stunning imo
"The" Moon River? Henry Mancini's recording of that fantastic song is a longtime favorite of mine. I bought it on a 7" 45 RPM single when it was initially released.
bdp, yes, that Moon River.  It has long been a song that I love, tears me up to hear it, and James does it sooo well here.  
Until the flat black disc arrives, might I suggest the subject album on Qobuzz in 24x96

Well the ancient Labrador is in the TV room with the War Dept. So nobody saw me cry during Moon River...

its that good
Mancini's version brings me to tears. Speaking of which, I made the mistake of bringing Iris Dement's My Life album to CES Vegas one year, and had Jerry Crosby (the QUAD ESL modifier) play "No Time To Cry" on his 63's. Ironically, I found the time to cry during the song, not finding the strength to hold back the tears. I don't know what Jerry thought of me, but he sold me a pair of his ESL 57 screens anyway.
bdp, no time to cry is one that does that to me too, and Merle Haggard's cover of that does the same.  

I love the fact that music can cause such emotion in me, its what is so addictive about it, I feel.  

by the way bdp, my drummer son, who has my old Gretsch set (new when I got them in the early 60's, he said they are vintage), comes here from time to time, so I got a set of the 135 Gretsch here, and they are lovely.  

rpeluso, it was Merle's praise of Iris in an interview that lead me to her. Thank you Merle!

Early 60's Gretsch? Are they in the oh-so-collectible Cadillac Green finish?! Early 60's, so the drums are adorned with the "round" Gretsch badge? The round badge Gretsch were made with either a 3-ply shell, or a 6-ply. The 3-ply were made for the calfskin heads of the time, before plastic ones were widely available. Those shells are notorious for being hard to fit plastic heads on. By the time Gretsch switched to 6-ply shells, plastic heads were common, and the shells were made slightly smaller in diameter to fit them.

Both my Gretsch sets have "stop sign" badges (first version, more rectangular than square), from the late-60's/early 70's (with 6-ply shells). One set has lacquered Brazilian walnut-veneered shells, the other shells wrapped in Black Diamond Pearl (from whence the bdp in my Audiogon handle comes from. The 24 is for my preferred bass drum size.). Great drums, played by many Jazz drummers in the 50's and 60's. Tony Williams played a bright yellow set of Gretsch up until he died. Gretsch was about the only U.S. drum company to survive the Japanese take-over of the drum business in the 70's and 80's. 

bdp, they are white marine pearl finish, the older set, with the tom mounted on the bass drum. And yes, round badge. I am not sure of 3 or 6 ply, will need to inspect, but he lives 110 miles away these days, in Brooklyn.

And yes, thank you Merle, for so very much. A former gf and I went to Bakersfield, Buck Owens Crystal Palace, to see Merle and The Strangers play NY Eve and again the next night. Opening was the Malpass Brothers. Made me nostalgic for a life I never had.

Only performer/artist I have seen live more than Merle is Dylan.  
I listened to this last night, streaming through Qobuz high res. It sounded amazing. Totally enjoyed it!
@rpeluso, in 2008 my bassist partner and I drove from L.A. to Austin to look into the housing market, and after checking into a motel stopped into a small bar/restaurant downtown. There was a small bandstand, with a drumset and coupla amps set up. No band, though. Right about when we were finishing our first Shiner Bock, the band climbed up on stage. To our surprise, on guitar was Redd Volkaert! Turns out he lived in Austin, and when not on the road with Merle was doing casuals around town. Only in Austin!
I saw JT in Lexington Ky and the show was a bucket list check off. Still gives me chills. Interesting life he has had. If you aren't aware of his personal struggles from a young age it is worth taking some time. He has plenty to draw from. One of my favorite artists.
Just listened to “Carole King James Taylor Live at the Troubadour.”
Two of the musical giants of our time.
They’re songs will last long after they’re gone in the hearts of music lovers.
"THEY'RE songs will last long after they’re gone in the hearts of music lovers "

Assuredly so.
This is a benchmark test for alien lifeform amongst us.
Just listened to “Carole King James Taylor Live at the Troubadour.”

This is a really nice show.  Anyone who enjoys  James and Carole should check it out.
I have that same set. I haven't listened to it in a while. Sounds like a good use of isolation on Easter Sunday afternoon.