James Louspeakers

anyone have experience or opinions on these, see very little on here or elsewhere. Have opportunity to buy a set but am looking for constructive feedback.

I have done a few events over the years with them and their products. Very solid,good sound,high SPL capability and great construction. Good people good company...
when I first got into audio about 6 yrs back a buddy of mine in Tampa had some monitors made by James, and I thought they were stellar.
Are you looking for main stereo speakers? Or others? I use their in-walls for side and rear surrounds, and one of their on-walls for a center channel. After listening to a lot of in-walls, these are the best I've heard. Great people to deal with; they even customized one of the speakers for me. If you'd like more detail, feel free to message me.
I am super late on this thread, but I own a pair of James Loudspeakers S-63 monitors in piano black that I purchased at a great price as seconds from a dealer and think they are incredible speakers! They image well, have great bass and seem very neutral. The adjustable crossover gives much control over room acoustics and other variables. It's a shame there is not much info on the brand, as they are well built and IMHO beat the socks off many others!!
Own just one James loudspeaker using it as a center channel speaker. Tops in every way. Easily on par with my VSA speakers in sound and perhaps even better in build. They are great music reproducers. Should I ever have need of more speakers, James will be on my must listen short list.
I realize this post is really late, but wanted to add that I own a pair of James Loudspeakers S-62's in the gloss piano black(rare), and think they are incredible speakers, well built, very accurate, neutral, dynamic and image well! The adjustable crossover is very unique and works in a way that does not alter the overall sound. Highly recommended if you can get a deal and if you can find them, as it seems they are hard to find used!