James Brown Live at the Apollo 180g

I was just wondering if anybody has compared the 180g to the original recording, and if so, is the reissue worth the purchase price-Cheers
I don't have the original LP or CD, but the 180g reissue sounds fine (not great) meaning the vinyl is very quiet, but WOW the performance!!

It seems like many of the reissue 180g LP's are good, but the inner sleeve packing just stinks and is really "gritty". My advise is to take it out gently, clean it thoroughly, and place it in a nice MFSL rice paper sleeve.

I think I paid $13-$14 at Best Buy for it.

Hope this helps.
Looks like you can get a decent condition used original on eBay for $10-15. The sealed one has a minimum bid of $69.95, but that's to be expected.

My local Best Buy has some LPs, but nothing as cool as a JB at the Apollo reissue.
Also check it out on www.wdcdradio.com and www.soundstagedirect.com. You may find other surprises there also.
Seems you folks are not aware that there are 4 different James Brown Live at the Apollo albums:

"James Brown Live at the Apollo" (1963) (single album)

"James Brown Live at the Apollo Vol II" (1967) (double album)

"James Brown Revolution of the Mind Live at the Apollo Vol III" (1971)(double album)

"James Brown Live at the Apollo 1995" /also known as Vol IV (1995) (single cd)

Although the first "Live at the Apollo" is definitely a groundbreaking performance, I prefer the double album "Live at the Apollo Vol II."