James Brown

Recommendation for a James Brown compilation  CD that has very good audio quality .
Look for the one that has ICON printed on the cover. I own several of these, different artists, they all sound pretty consistently good.
Start with Star Time box set as excellent sample of his early career (6 discs) 

Two particularly good CD is Motherlode and The Payback.

Try also the J.B.s Monorail - amazing jam album

James Brown simply doesn’t fit on one CD. Incredibly prolific.
Agree with shadorne's recommendations with the caveat that I'd remember the term "very good audio quality" is relative when it comes to James Brown recordings. There's only so much you can do with some of them. 

I'm  really looking to buy 1 of probably a dozen or more of the Greatest

Hits collections that are available .

James brown star time is probably the best greatest hits with good audio quality. I even have some hi res brown, and its not as good as the star time set.