James Audio vs Triad In Wall Speakers

I have done a lot of research on Theater room Speakers and it is now down to James Audio QX Series vs Triad Silver Series.  I would appreciate any and all views on either choice.  I am going to power them with a Lexicon RX7 amp and a Marantz 8802a processor.  I also have an Isotek Aquarius line conditioner and an OPPO 105D Blueray player.  Other in wall speakers I considered included: Focal, Dali, RBH, Paradigm, Definitve Technology.  I don't need any comment on those speakers.  Thanks in advance.

The James speakers are way better in every way. Been doing this for over 25 years contact me for details

Thx...I ended up just buying Dali Phantom Helicon in wall speakers.  It was just too good of deal to pass up.  I still may buy the in wall subwoofers.  Are you a fan of James Subwoofers?  I am looking for a pair to mate to Wilson Audio Duette 2's and a Raven Integrated Tube Reflection Tube amp in my great room.

I have the Euphonia in walls as well, great speakers, the in walls sound just like the floorstanders, use with a good sub and crossover them corrrectly and you will be floored.  

The James Subs are good not great, they are not as fast as some of the other designs.  I just got the Paradigm Sub $4k to match with my Polymer Research and the sub is awesome, fast, articulate and completely invisible.  I had the JL and the Paradigm was even better integrated. What are you using for the rest of your components?
I still have to decide on Subs.  For the theater room if I do not use in walls, I was thinking about Powersound.  I talked to the owner and he previously created and developed the SVS line of subs before he left the company.  I am thinking they have to be better than SVS and no one knows about them so the pricing is right.  They have comparisons even against JL audio.  
In the great room I really have to get the subs right.  The room is huge with high ceilings.  They must be in wall subs and fast.  My wife is already pissed about the Wilson's being in the room to begin with.  That is why I need in wall subs for the Great room.  I am building a new house so until I know all of my costs I am on a budget from an audio perspective.  I am considering RBH SI 1010's and James QX1010's.  I also considered Paradigm Reference in wall sub - the 12Q.  Since going to the Newport Beach audio show last week, I have decided I need a DAC for the great room.  Right now my choices are PS Audio Direct Stream, Auralic Vega and Mytek Brooklyn.
I would like to talk to you about your experiences with James.  Try me at wlennatyahoodotcom

Where to buy James Speaker? Or buying with review post is a good ideas like here:  http://www.wordsiseek.com/best-in-wall-speakers/