James, Artison or Goldenear Soundbars?

Moving into a new house and my concession to my wife is that my Wilson Benesch Discoverys will have to move to my home office and we'll a soundbar in the family room.  I didn't care for the sound of the Sony/Samsung/LG/etc. soundbars and looking for something will sound decent.  I've heard the Goldenear soundbar and liked it, but wondering if anyone either owns or has listened to the James or Artison soundbars and might be able to comment on them.  Thanks!
James and Artison are both great performers. Truly top-notch gear. James offers several sizes, even larger models with 5.25" woofers, multiple tweeter-arrays, etc. One thing James offers is custom built speakers/soundbars etc that will fit your TV exactly, in any finish or color you choose. You just furnish your dealer your TV model # and they'll make anything you want.  If you don't like their standard black aluminum chassis, fine. Request american walnut. You like the aluminum, but want it shot in Ferrari red, that's fine too. 

Artison doesnt go that far. They have their sound bars, stock sizes, but that just offer a custom grille that will fit your TV exactly. The soundbar can be shorter than your TV is wide, but the grille will be the proper width to give a clean finished product. 

Dont forget to to look at both mfr's inwall subwoofer offerings, as well. In addition to those, James also has some serious "Powerpipe" built-in bandpass subwoofers that are truly hidden. 
Thanks for the feedback!  Yes, we're in Mesa, AZ.  Are you in AZ?
Yes, Scottsdale.  I'm a James dealer so I'll pm you my number in case you have any further questions, you can contact me. 
Azkeith we sell many high end soundbars as well as many on walls. 

You may have more options than just a soundbar.

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You can obviously use a soundbar, and there are way more choices than just Golden Ear and James. 

First of all do you want to use a powered soundbar or use a surround sound receiver?

The Nad Blue Sound Pulse Soundbar is fantastic and can be easily connected with an optical cable also the Pulse allow full high resolution streaming directly from the soundbar.

Sound quality is very good. 

Next up are discrete looking on walls the Artison Masterpiece when used with a good subwoofer sound amazing and are much better sounding then the Artison Soundbar.

Then you can also go with cleverly designed audio speakers which look like framed artwork from Artcoustic.  www,artcoustic.com 

Just food for thought.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself?

1: How important is sound quality for both music and movies?
2: Do you want a self powered easy to use concept such as a powered sound bar or possibly an inwall amplifier driving in wall or on wall loudspeakers?
3: Do you have or want to use a surround sound receiver do you want to create a full surround sound setup?
4: Are you going to install this yourself?
5: Do you have a budget?
6: Do you have the room and space for discrete on or in wall loudspeakers which will usually sound far better than any soundbar.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

Dave and Troy, we used to listen to a lot more music but over the years that has decreased.  These days I listen to music in my home office, and the family room is 90% for movies.  Sound quality matters to me but less to my wife :(

I'll be using a surround sound receiver for the family room.  I'll hire someone to do the install.  Budget is around 12K (not including the TV or receiver).  We could do on wall or in wall, but it is an exterior wall and I really don't want studs cut.  

Does the Artison Masterpiece you mentioned effectively replicate the center channel?
The Artison Masterpiece speakers do a great job of reproducing the center channel and keeping the dialog anchored to the screen.  Going that route or with a good soundbar, (like a James), can give great results for what you are trying to accomplish.  The biggest difference would be how you want it to look, once completed.
If you'd like to have a competent integrator design and install an easy-to-use system for you, feel free to give me a call to discuss.  I PM'd you my number. 

Take care,Greg