Jake Langley, "Diggin' In"

Around 1-1:30 AM on my way to work, I receive an FM station out of Kalamazoo that plays jazz. Heard a song by Jake Langley from his "Diggin' In" CD that was great. Never heard of him, know nothing of him. I ordered this CD, and found he has another one out very recently. I usually listen to smooth jazz, but am finding alot of other artists that I like on this early morning jazz program. Does anyone have any other info on him? He's attracted my attention1
Abucktwoeighty, I was in the same situation when I heard a song from Jake Langley's Non Fiction cd from a Toronto jazz station. Excellent recording and can be ordered from Triplet Records out of Toronto.

Another disk you should check out is Thom Rotella 4-tet Out of the Blues. A definate change from the smooth jazz genre from previous albums. Try CDbaby or Thom Rotella.com for samples.
Eldulcesol, thanks for the tip. I have a couple of Thom Rotella's smooth jazz cd's, and wil check out both you mentioned.