Jailbreak Amazon Echo

The new Amazon streaming music device named "Echo" is one fantastic device if you are working with your hands such as in a kitchen or garage. It's voice controlled. From across the room, you can ask it to play virtually any artist or song in the Amazon music collection. Pandora steams through it as well. You can access your Panadora playlists by simply asking for them.

The voice recognition is excellent - even while the music is blasting. You can increase or decrease the volume, skip a song, call up an album or artist. It is expansive if you consider the range of music activities possible. (It does a bunch of other less-important things such as give the weather report, headline news, etc) The device is about the size and weight of two soup cans stacked on one another. The sound is pretty impressive considering the size and price point of under $200.

So here's the real question: Has anyone tried to jailbreak the unit and have it feed the audio signal into a proper amp? I could see connecting it to a higher quality rig - or even my new Peachtree DeepBlue speaker system (which is nothing short of incredible, BTW).

There are no jacks or output from the device so one would have to crack the case, cut into the wire leading to the speakers and get out the soldering iron - but how great to have high-quality tunes that are voice controlled. Right?

Post your thoughts and (hopefully) results with this fun new music device.
If you try to crack the case, Alexa will cut your throat!

Just kidding - - - the Echo is an amazing device, and I got mine from the first run for $100.00.