Jadis Owner's Manual & Modifications

Owner's Manual
Does anyone have an owner's manual and/or circuit schematic for an old Jadis JP-80 they would be willing to copy/scan and send? I would be happy to reimburse for the cost somehow.

Has anyone out there ever done any modifications to a Jadis JP-80? I have two things in mind...
1) mods as described on Arthur Salvatore's website (www.high-endaudio.com) - my unit is quite old and I think the caps needs to be replaced anyway. Other mods anyone?
2) I wouldn't mind reducing the gain. Has anyone ever tried to reduce the gain level in this preamp?

Any and all information is welcome. Thanks in advance.
Let me check tonight or tomorrow, I may have both if no one else has one. Only mods I made to mine were Andy Bouwman's Romantic Era treatment and putting in a few Audio Note bypass capacitors, made the unit even more liquid and non-electronic, though probably a bit more euphonic and dark as well.
I may have an owner's manual, but no schematic. About a year ago I had the piece modified by Great Northern Sound. The improvements have been dramatic, especially in frequency extension. I have always appreciated the liquidity of this piece, but I now have better highs and a more pronounced bottom end. The modification was time consuming and not cheap. I am unable to verify GNS's interest in tackling another JP-80, but you may want to give them a call. Maybe just for mod recommendations.