Jadis Orchetra Reference or DA5/DPL2 ?

I´m working on a second system. I´m thinking on Jadis amplifier to use with my Reference 3A De Capo i.
I was decide to buy the Orchestra Reference but now I have the oportunity to buy the DA5 amplifier with the DPL 2 pre.
I red many reviews of the JOR but it´s too difficult to find DA5/DPL2 information.
Please, let me know your experience with Jadis and I will apreciate your suggests and recomendations.
I own the JOR and have been very pleased with its sound and performance (however, it is not a good match for low impedance loads), BUT, it does require biasing of output tubes (replacements about once every one to two years) which is a pain in the A... Also KT 90 tubes are no longer available, and I haven't yet tried with KT 88's or 6550's so ?????. I would urge auditioning the DA5 with DPL 2 pre because of my above revervations, unless space is an issue. Happy Listening,