Jadis Orchestra, who has heard them?

Who has heard Jadis Orchestra or orchesta Reference?
I know that Trelja owns a Reference and is happy with it, you might check his past threads, particularly the Jadis Fidelity thread, I think, to get his descriptions and impressions.
I own a Jadis Orchestra Reference which I bought for my bedroom system driving a pair of Martin Logan SL3s. When it arrived, a fuse blew on the preamp in my main system (Audiolab/Hafler biamped/Harmon Kardon 60s),so to please my wife I pressed the JOR into service in the main system. (45WPC vs.270)The JOR KICKED BUTT! My wife, and 2 of my neighbors all feel that the JOR/HK60s are the absolute best sound they have heard...ever! And, I have to agree. In the bedroom, with the SL3s, the JOR is good, but not great, and I can't explain the differences except the HKs are a lot easier to drive. The JOR has my highest reccomendation, but...I have not retubed (or rebiased) this amplifier, so I can't tell you how user friendly it is (or isn't). Feel free to e-mail me for more specifics if you want to.
Thanks for bringing me up, Russ.

Yes, I own a Jadis Orchestra Reference. I have always been happy with it, and doubt it will ever go for sale. In the 3 1/2 years I have had it, it has proved 100% reliable(Vinh tells me your Jadis experiences are the opposite of mine, Russ). I have never biased the tubes(real pain), and the tubes are still as strong as steel.

The sound is glorious. While I consider it more on the neutral side(unlike a lot of people), it is never harsh. It always makes beautiful music, which is why I think people think it sounds warm. I feel the Ei KT90 tubes lend it the more neutral sound. The great benefit of the Orchestra Reference is that you can basically achieve any sound you are looking for as the amplifier takes EL34/6CA7/KT88/6550 tubes as well. All except the 6550(which I don't recommed) will make the sound warmer. You can also experiment with 12AX7s to find something that appeals to you.

In my experience, my amp has been able to drive any speaker I have thrown at it. Although, I have never thrown anything seriously hard to drive at it. Currently, I mate the amp with a pair of Frieds. Frieds have always been known as a quite difficult load, despite their specifications. I have no trouble driving these speakers to ear splitting volumes.

Be aware that the Orchestra is a very different product than the Orchestra Reference. While sharing the same circuit, the transformers are much smaller. You will only be able to run EL34 and 6CA7 output tubes in this amp. Because of the tube, the amp is much warmer in sound. But, you can get the same sound from the Reference by using this tube, with stronger bass. The combination of the smaller transformers and smaller output tubes mean the Orchestra produces about 1/3 less power, and with less extension at the low and high frequencies. The cosmetics of the two are night and day, which may or may not matter to you. The Reference also has bass and treble controls, which also may or may not matter to you.

If I sound like I am marginalizing the Orchestra, I don't mean that at all. In fact, in my opinion, it is the finest sounding tube integrated(non-esoteric) produced. But, the Reference is on another plane altogether.