Jadis Orchestra vs Jadis i 35

I have jadis orchestra last 3 years with antelope zodiac gold dac and Pmc twenty 23 speakers I want to upgrade my orchestra with i 35 amplifier.
What is your opinions about Jadis i 35
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The i35 runs in full class A and in a totally different league. It is a true Jadis with no compromises. It is also more powerful with kt120 tubes.
Thank you for your kindly answer,
Also my speaker's twenty 23 which are 87 db but jadis requires 90db speaker. Is it problem about harmony between my amplifier and speakers?
The differences come down to two different design paths.

The JOR uses the Dynaco circuit. It's a fixed (adjustable) bias amplifier. The i35 uses the Mullard long-tail pair circuit, with cathode (auto) bias. Apart from the aforementioned front-end, fixed bias amplifiers generally more produce a more immediate and incisive character, whereas cathode bias can sound more liquid and lush.

Despite Jadis' traditional pricing structure, I don't feel one is necessarily superior to the other. I own the JOR, DA30 (Mullard w/cathode bias), and DA60(also Mullard w/cathode bias), and appreciate the characteristics of each. As always, it comes down to personal preference.

Personally, before "upgrading", I'd give the JOR another look/listen with the type of tubes that suit you best, as well as biasing the amplifier at a hotter level than the far too conservative factory settings. I think you might discover the JOR produces some of the most sublime midrange in the industry.