Jadis Orchestra Reference - Resistors

Good day to all past and present owner of JOR.
Need help to identify the the wattage on the resistors below?

Thank you

Well you can be sure its under 5 watts. Since resistors have to dissipate the heat they generate they get a lot bigger and from 5 watts on up they are bricks with the wattage marked on them. Below 5 watts they get smaller, down to fractions of a watt which are only about 1/4" long. Yours are probably 2 or 3 watts. Not that knowing will do any good, neither the ones you have nor the ones you'll buy will be marked. You just buy ones about the same size, they will be the same wattage. I replaced one of these that blew under a tube. Not a big deal if that's what you're doing.
Thin, Those are 1/2 watt resistors
Thanks to millercarbon and mijostyn for your input.

I think 1/2 (0.5) watt is probably too small.
Perhaps 2 or 3 watts is more sensible.
Based on the size of other components nearby these have to be at least 1 watt devices.