Jadis Orch Reference, 5 yrs/Time for update review

Well its been a close to 5 yrs since I bought this smallest of the Jadis line, its a intergrated featuring 4 KT90's(stock) and 2 12AX7's in the pre. The Jadis web mentions that it is rated 40 watts X 2. Not sure how accurate that is, but certainly for its size it does have its power. I had a Rotel ss intergrated 100 watts!!! and the Jadis out performed the Rotel in every area. The Rotel sound like pure junk next to the Jadis. So the watt rating system means much less as a "standard" as far as I'm concerned.
Now as far as bass/mids/highs.
Like all tube amps, there is a slight roll off in the highs. The mids are rich/lively/clean/sharp/detailed/life-like. The bass is good, but I've learned the other day to put the bass tone control to full use. Thats is, and I know everyone will not agree, but I noticed the bass tone can go to 90% open (catches the cellos nicely/big brass) on classical/opera/orch and will not offer any distortion. btw i listen at 10 oclock, hardly any SPL, but its the way I am most comfortable with, keeps the family/pets/neighbors from complaining. Room is a cathedral ceiling, 20X30 with openings on all sides.
The high tone can go to 70% open with good representaion of the high fq's at this level of volume.
With rock, the bass and high can be adjusted to less, say slightly more than the 12 oclock position.
Anyway for the investment, its a worthy little tube amp that certainly can meet the needs of a newbie audiophile or those who have a ss system and wish to get into the world of tubes. There si no fatigue factor with this amp, its neutral and life-like at moderate vol. I have heard tube amps costing much more than 2X's its price and did not meet the qualities this amp displays. Though of course the big tube amps had slightly more power/to drive demanding speakers. However the JOR did manage to drive the power hunger Mirage 1's for a short period of time (brand new and wished to protect the circuitry from overload, the associated amp was the big Audio research VT200)Also recently tested the JOR on the Tyler Linbrook Signature System, a hefty WWMTM design, with no problems at moderate vol/ 12 oclock open. In this case the amp could be used to power the LSS with no fear of overload. Obviously I give this intergrated amp a very high rating. Have not heard its 2 brothers, the DA30 and DA60. Maybe others can chime in here. btw I googled here Jadis, and saw a comment from a member who knows the Jadis line and said the JOR and the JA100 have special wound trans to fit perfectly with the KT90 tube. Not sure about this, only atht other Jadis amps can accept various tubes/other models are restricted to one specific tube.
And also i;'m considering, after much (yrs) of consideration, the JA30/KT90 as my next amp.

I have a JOR with KT 90 tubes and absolutely love it. Recently I changed out the KT 90's to try a quad of new JJ Electronic KT 88 (blue) tubes. The sound quality was markedly lowered. I don't have a manual and since I don't see any obviously visible bias adjustment screws on the chassie I assume that the JOR is auto biasing. Or is my assumption thats it can use KT 88's incorrect. The JJ tubes were new and I only tried them for a few hours but heard no improvement with time. Do they need a longer breakin time? Any help from you or others would be appreciated.
Unfortunately, the JOR is not auto-biased. You have to take the chassis apart to bias it. Look up Trelja and ask him. He's a wonderful guy and will tell you what to do. I bought his JOR and sold it simply because I didn't want to bias it - I now have an auto-bias Jadis and wouldn't buy any other int amp. But to bias the JOR is a bear. I used EL 34s with it, but I understand you can use KT 88s. But check with Trelja.
The JOR is definately NOT autobiasing. New output tubes must be biased to the manufacturers specificiton. The adjustment pots are inside of the unit and should be done by an experienced technician or someone familiar with this operation as potentialy lethal voltages are present inside of the unit.
Bbro, I also tried a quad of KT88's, the EH's a few months ago. And the quality of sound was diminished in all areas. No bass, no highs, very thin mids. I gave the EH's 5 minutes of play and then promptly returned them for a 25% loss in restocking fee. I also hada chinese KT88 amp to demo months ago, and found the sound very very thin, almost as if it was a "AM radio sound". The Thor speakers would not respond to the KT88 amp. I've not heard the Cayin KT88 amps, that may be a different story. I have heard a famous line of amps which uses KT88's and its just not my "cup of tea". Personally the KT90 (rarely offered in, the new Ming Da offers a KT90 intergrated amp) seems to best suit my preference, balance of bass/mids/highs. Especially bass, which can be the spectrum most lacking in tube amps. I have a new orleans jazz cd and a blues cd which offer bass that will rattle the dual 7 inch midbass Excel in my Thors if vol is above 12 Oclock, with bass tone at slightly above 12 oclock. The JOR packs a wollop in bass. I hope to track down a pair of JA30/KT88 monos later this yr.
Aside from the JA-30 being monoblocks, what benefit(s) do you expect to achieve with a 25% reduction in power?

Keep in mind monoblocks are not equipped with tone controls which seems to be a necessity with your speakers based on previous posts.
Hi Narrod, I changed my mind on the cayin because the KT90's/JA30 seem to suit my taste vs the KT88 tube. One day I may also get the Cayin A100, right now its the JA30 on radar.