Jadis new line of monoblocks

I am looking for more in depth information about differences between new and old line of Jadis monoblocks.
The new line I mean JA50, JA100, JA250. The old line I mean JA30, JA80, JA200. Especially I am interested in comparison between JA200 and JA250.

I asked about it many peoples and there are different opinions about it. What I found:

1. Some people says, that there is no important differences between old and new line except that new ones can accept balanced signal on XLR inputs. Other elements of design remained the same.

2. Some people says that new monoblocks are especially designed for KT90 tube and only for that one tube. Other tubes like EL34, KT88, 6550, KT77, 6CA7 cannot be installed in those amps. I old line of monos you can install all those tubes. The other people I spoke claim that in new line of monos you can also install all those tubes still maintaining autobias feature.

3. The only visual difference is other front transformer cap in new line of monos.

4. I also heard that there are some special versions of the monos produced exclusively for German market. It seems to be true. If you look closer at the pictures of German version JA250 monoblocks you will find another third small tubes on chassis with tubes and lack of transistor and radiator on chassis with power supply. On another pictures of JA250 there are only two small tubes on monoblock and there is radiator on power supply monoblock.

It is a little curious that this new line of amplifiers is equipped with XLR connections, because in Jadis offer there is not so many preamplifiers with XLR outputs (JPS2S, JPS8, JA200) and the only on preamplifier with XLR outputs and internal phono stage (JP200MC) which is very expensive preamp by the way.

It is also curious that newer line should be a better line and for 25 anniversary models Jadis choosed old good JP80MC preamp and JA80 amp.

Those only my thoughts.

I will be grateful for any opinions about those new monoblocks, especially JA250 compared to JA200.
Why don't you just call the distributor and ask them all of these questions?
I have spoked with distributor, but still have some doubts.

Regardless of that:

Distributor not always heard all components from their offer, so other peoples opinion is required.

Distributors have their own policy and almost always more expensive gear seems to be better than cheaper one in their words.

We are talking about some JA250 version made one German market only, so I not sure if other distributors will be rave about the version not available for them.
Roxy54: Do you really think your going to get an honest assessment from the distributor? I think that Milimetr is using the right avenue "Forums" for an honest opinion about a piece of gear, when it is being used by the consumer in real working condition's while assessing it's performance. And not depending on an outside source who would as a distributor have an agenda, and that is making a buck.