Jadis match FM Acoustic?

Does Jadis preamp match FM Acoustic power amp?
In terms of sonic and electrical.

I don't think Jadis pre can match with FM amp. I have used both but in different time. The sound of JD is so light, but FM is accurate and powerful. I used JD pre, amp (like 845, 300...), and I believe JD is hard to match with other, that why I had sold them after that. Changed to Audio Note, with M4 pre, I felt better with FM amp. They made great sound with Tannoy Kingdom.

Bach Hoang Nguyen
I would have to agree with Bachnguyen. The other way round (FM pre-> Jadis power) *could* be possible. Otherwise, a Goldmund pre could do the job.
Ultimately though, easily the best combo is with a FM pre, run balanced, and allowing you to control the system from a distance (I had speakers & amps at 5m away, pre & sources next to me). Cheers