Jadis JP30MC

Any expert there, please advice your valuable opinion abt Jadis pre JP30MC to match JA80?
Or any comments abt JP30MC and JPS2, which is a better choice ?
Thank you
Have not heard good things about the JP 30 but the JPS-2 is a great unit
Definitely JPS-2 is a better amp. It is like JP-80 but without phono stage.
I wish that integrated modern tube amps had phono stages. It used to be mandatyory, back in the day, before CD. There were even different inputs for your tuner.
You see they anticipated, with good reason, that you might need one.
Don't ya think Jadis could easily predict that a special integrated like a DA-60, about $14,000 new would be used by dedicated audio people. And further that said peoples are likely to have a turntable or two.