Jadis JP-80 with Audio Research?

If anyone has actually heard the JP-80 preamp with any of the Audio Research amps, I'd like to hear your opinion. Please, no speculations or conjectures--only actual experience with this combination. Thanks in advance.
I used it for a number of years with ARC Classic 150s (actually M300s converted into CL150s). Sound was very good, no impedence mismatches or anything like that, but the JP80 did not overcome the dryish, more analytical sound of the ARC amps. It wasn't until I paired it with the JA80s that the full Jadis magic came out.
yes what rcprince said is quite true,ive heard a jp 80 with cl 150 and newer vt 150 on gen 1 and we didnt have too much of a problem,but you allways felt there was more there,the jadis was much better and you paid the price too!i still remember the day i first heard a new cl 150,it changed the way i listened to music for ever, they were a magic amp in their day,at that time jadis had that reliability cloud over them and nobody wanted to take the chance,my fave arc product is the ls 5