Jadis JA30s mating with Quad 57s?

I am about to purchase a refurbished pair of Quad 57s (PK). Are the Jadis JA30s
one of the better choices for matching?
I had stacked 57s by PK and used Jadis Defy 7, II. The 30s should be really, really sweet. 57s and Jadis midrange is just to die for. Don't be a headbanger or a bass freak, though. They'll do real bass, but you'll miss a few notes on stuff like some Paula Cole, Bowie's "Earthling", etc.

I've changed systems twice since then and it's still one that I would be real happy with if she-who-must-be-obeyed told me to finish up this audio insanity so we could move to a deserted island.

(Actually, she'd never do that, but I could still be happy if it was my last system after 35 years.)
Jeffb is absolutely right! I agree with every word. The 57 and the JA 30s are a match made in heaven!
I've heard both components but not in concert with each other.

However, I'd bet the combination would sound fabulous.